Handcrafted Candles for all Occasions, LLC

Handcrafted Candles for all Occasions, LLC
  • 2019 to 2020 Here we come

    Our last craft fair for 2019 was a success! We had fun at this 2 day event. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. 

    We are looking to book more events this bright new year 2020! Keep your eyes open and to do noe better, subcribe to our mailing list and be the first to know about events and awesome deals we have just for you!


  • Tis' the season

    Tis’ the season for special requests…

    I love the holidays don’t you?  Decorations, Christmas music and all the baking makes this time of year magical and memories of old and new come to mind.

    I love how we enjoy these moments with our family and friends but what about the ones we have lost. Sometimes the holidays can be painful and difficult to navigate. 

    I know from my own experience losing a loved one can make this time of year unbearable let alone trying to get it together and being strong for your children. Let’s face the fact it’s hard and will always be hard. My mom will be gone for 7 years now and I still try not to break down every time I see a mom with her daughter out and about shopping and giggling amongst themselves.

    Each year it does seem to be easier not to burst into tears every time the thought of missing my mother pops into my mind. What makes this season easier as time goes by is having little mementoes around my home and on my Christmas tree. My mom loved hummingbirds so every year I hang a special hummingbird ornament on our tree and for my father I hang up a wooden guitar ornament. These help me keep them close to my heart and honor them during this season of love, peace, hope, and giving.

    I recently had a colleague ask me to create a special, one-of-a-kind candle for her mom. This is what I love to do and it allows my creative spirit out to play. All she requested from me for the candle was the candle had to have the word “Hope” and have a little pink color in it otherwise no other restrictions.

    I created this candle pictured below. I was going for a wooden style block with the word hope in letters carved like a child may make for their parents.  My colleague thought it was perfect. What a great memento for her to remember her mom who always said to her, “You need hope in this life, without it you have nothing”. 

    Stay strong when you need and cry when you need.

    God bless you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


  • Last Minute Shoppers

    Wow how time flys by. We participated in the Northglenn Elks Craft fair this past weekend. I was so busy getting ready for it I forgot to let everyone know about it here on our blog. I did post several annoucements via Intagram and our Facebook page if you were following.

    Anyway, we did fairly well for our first craft fair! I wasn't expecting much but it was nice to do as well as we did. I had my wonderful husband and my awesome son helping me with our table. They did a great job and I am so happy to have their support.

    We have another event scheduled this year just in time for the last minute shoppers this holiday season.

    Come by and see us at the Last Chance Gift Fair located at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont on December 21 and 22. More details will come!

  • Getting back to the basics

    With the Holiday Season approaching, I thought we should cover some candle basics...


    1. Use a wick trimmer for a perfect trim.

    Wick Trimmers make this task easy and create a nice clean cut that properly maintains the wick. Here’s how to properly use a wick trimmer:

    Place the bottom of the trimmer flush with the surface of the candle. Rock the trimmer back so that the “elbow” now rests on the surface of the candle. Ensure that your trimmer is at a 45-degree angle to get the proper wick length. This will prevent the wick from being cut too short, causing the candle to burn improperly. Bring the two handles together to trim the wick. Discard the remnant wick before lighting.


    2. Candles should not be burned for more than four hours at a time.

    It is recommended that after burning for four hours, candles be extinguished, allowed to cool for two hours, and trimmed before relighting.


    3. Follow the half inch rule.

    Discontinue use of a candle when ½” of wax remains at the bottom of the jar. This will prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface or container itself. The glass can get hot on the bottom as the flame nears the base of the jar and most of the wax has been consumed. 


    4. For safety’s sake.

    Always burn candles well away from drafts, other heat sources, and anything flammable. Make sure burning candles are out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Coming Soon

    Want to know what we have been up to lately?  We've come up with a few extra product options you will like to remember for your next gifting idea or just because. 


    Personalized Touches


    As individuals with a unique set of preferences and needs, we know our customers love the ability to customize their products. We are proud to offer customers the freedom to select their own fragrance, and add a personal touch like a photo or quote to the our tins and jar containers. This is a popular option for graduations, birthdays, or weddings – adding an extra thoughtful touch to an already popular gifting item. These options will be in our shop soon.


    Fragrance samples


    Since fragrance is a top factor in consumers’ decision to purchase specific candles, most shoppers prefer to sniff before they buy. Lucky for you, we will begin selling tea light samples for you to sample our scents here soon. 


    Wooden Wicks


    When it comes to the next big thing... Wooden wicks are desirable because they create a uniquely visual and audible experience. As a candle burns, it gives off a soothing, soft crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace. We will be adding wooden wicks to our product line in the near future.


    Unexpected Scents


    There has been a major trend toward the scents that we all know and love, but may not typically associate with candles. Surprising fragrances such out tobacco fragrance have all risen in popularity – especially as more men become candle buyers and prefer more masculine scents. Be on the look out for more unexpected scents for your senses.