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Shamrocks Everywhere

This St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks will be everywhere: on clothing, beer mugs, funny hats and other sometimes fashion accessories. It’s easy to think of those three bright green leaves as inevitably Irish, an icon of the Emerald Isle. According to Irish folklore, the shamrock is so entirely Irish it won’t even grow on foreign soil. And in America, only the three-leaved image of the shamrock persists, having been associated with Irish immigrant communities—it’s just as important on St. Patrick’s Day as wearing green clothing and drinking emerald-hued libations. 

Even among the Irish, there is no consensus that dubs one particular group of plants as the true Irish shamrocks. Glasnevin, Dublin, revealed that when the Irish wear the "shamrock," it can be any one of four plants. Three of the plants are clovers, while the fourth is a clover-like plant known as "medick." All four are in the pea family.

These clover look-alikes are more easily cultivated as houseplants than real clover, making them popular as indoor decorations for Saint Patrick's Day. 

The true clovers all have in common is a leaf made up of three leaflets. The number three is significant in the Christian religion because of the doctrine of the Trinity. Irish legend has it that the missionary, Saint Patrick, demonstrated the principle behind the Trinity using a shamrock, pointing to its three leaflets united by a common stalk. But there is no way of determining with certainty the exact plant referred to in the legend.

This much we can say about Irish shamrocks...

By definition, for a clover to represent the Trinity, it would have to bear three (and only three) leaves. The shamrock remains one of the most popular symbols used to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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