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Angel Food Cake Mini Candle - Tammy's Handcrafted Candles for all Occasions, LLC

Angel Food Cake Mini Candle

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Angel Food Cake scented. Imagine the heavenly aroma of a home-made, fluffy, angel food cake. Highly fragrant candle.

The travel size of the tin container makes this candle a perfect addition on your nightstand, whether it be in your home or hotel room. Natural white-cream color soy wax. Lead free cotton wick.

-Hand poured in small batches
-The tin is 2in high, 3in wide, approx. 4 oz

Never be without your favorite scent when you have travel candles! Each candle is individually hand-poured. 

(To prevent fire & serious injury, always burn your candle within sight. Keep out of the the reach of children and pets. Only burn the candle on a flat, fire resistant surface.)