Our Fragrances

We use fragrance formulas for the most intoxicating and pleasing aroma for your sensory pleasure. We only use RIFM and IRFA-approved fragrance oils and essential oils unlike low-quality candles that leaves an unpleasant scent in your home. All of our fragrances adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity. 

Fragrance strength is important to us. Great-smelling candles are abundant but the experience of what we have created has an unique ability to evoke memories and emotions sure to impress without being overwhelming to the senses. Whether you prefer bold or delicate aromas our candles are designed to be intoxicating, pleasing for your sensory pleasure.

Here's a sampling of our fragrances:

Food Inspired...

Cinnamon and Vanilla, Gingerbread,  Hot Apple Pie,  Peppermint Bark, Red Hot Cinnamon, Snickerdoodle, Wassail, Cranberry Marmalade,  Apple Harvest, Pumpkin Caramel Crunch, Pumpkin Pie,  Lite Lager Beer, Farm stand Apple (BBW type)*, Banana Cabana (BBW type)*, Dragon fruit Poptail, Sorbet Snapdragon,  Birthday Cake, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cobbler, Butt Naked, Crème Brulee, Monkey Farts, and French Vanilla.

Inspired by Nature...

Blue Spruce, Mistletoe,  Christmas Tree, Mahogany Teakwood (BBW type)*, Tobacco, Cozy Cabin, Sugared Spruce, Love Spell,  Baja Cactus Blossom (BBW type)*, Coral Reef, Hibiscus Paradise,  Lavender,  Volcano, Honeysuckle, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Hyacinth, Lilac, Gardenia, Fresh Cut Roses, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Jasmine, Rosemary Mint, Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Aloe and Green Clover, Bayside Marina, Ocean, and Plumeria.

Please note: Not all fragrances are available year round and this list is not all-inclusive.

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