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Now there is a fab way to recycle and reuse your used candle jars, simply send us your container, and we will carefully refill it with our candle refill service.  They will look beautiful again and can be enjoyed once more with our candle refill service. Your revitalized candle will be hand poured and filled with renewable soy wax and the same fragrance.  

If you have previously purchased a  jar candle from us, please do not throw away the jar! If you return it to us with the label on it, we will refill it for you for 25% off the original price.  

How to get a refill:

1. Purchase a jar candle from us.

2. Carefully wrap your container, include contact information (include your email address, so we know where to send the discount code) and ship package to:

Tammy's Handcrafted Candles all Occasions, 568 S. 3rd Ave., Deer Trail, Colorado, 80105.

3. Once we receive it, we will send you a 25% discount code to purchase a refill of the same style and scent.

4. We will refill your candle once you claim your discount code. Then, we ship it back to you. Your candle will be back to you in about 3-7 days.


Parcels are sent to us at your own risk and cost, and we strongly recommend you obtain a certificate of postage as we are responsible for your parcel only once it has been received into our premises. If in the unlikely event that your container is broken in transit, sorry, but we cannot be held responsible. 

You are financially responsible for shipping jars back to me so this is offered to you at your own risk. Please be sure to pack jars well that way they do not break during shipping.