Handcrafted Candles for all Occasions, LLC

Handcrafted Candles for all Occasions, LLC
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Personalized Candles. Choose any candle marked for personalization, provide us a name, occasion, location or greeting and we’ll text drop it into the existing label design. The minimum is 1 candle and the only restriction is we can’t use logos or alter the label art in this program (but we can in the Private Label Program below).


Private Label Candles. It‘s easier than you might think to develop one for your business or event (shower, wedding, anniversary, reunion, party). Choose one of our scents, provide us artwork for your label (photography, illustration, logo, vintage postcard) and we‘ll print and adhere the labels to our candles. Pretty simple and you only have to order 50 candles from our clam shells, mini tins, or Modern Elegance collection.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind candle, please email or call me with your thoughts and we can work together on making your dream  candle for yourself or someone special.


*Subject to availablity

Personalize It